Emerging Chemistry – Evolving Profession

Emerging Chemistry – Evolving Profession
The public and members of the ACPBC are invited to attend a mini conference in advance of the ACPBC Annual General Meeting.

Friday October 21, 2016; 13:30-16:30
Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre
515 West Hasting Street, Vancouver BC
Room 7000 (Earl and Jennie Lohn Policy Room)

An important focus of the Association is to support the careers of chemical professionals even as the nature of the chemical profession continues to evolve. This is particularly critical for young chemical professionals in emerging areas. This mini-conference will present short talks from current graduate students across the spectrum of modern chemistry – to showcase the diversity of current chemical research and to provide concrete examples of where the profession is headed.

Speakers include:
John Thompson (SFU) – The Design and Synthesis of Highly Birefringent Materials
Natasha Milosevic (UVic) – Peptidic inhibitors for epigenetic reader proteins of the polycomb family – inhibiting master regulator proteins upregulated in stem-like cancers
Ben Britton (SFU) – An FCV for everyone – recent advances in long-lived, inexpensive PEM and AEM fuel cells
Lev Lewis (UBC) – Cellulose nanocrystals: a building block for functional materials
Kathleen Prosser (SFU) – Tuning the Activity of Copper(II) Metallodrug Candidates through Ligand Design
Larissa Richards (VIU) – Qualitative Analysis of Mobile Mass Spectrometry Data for Atmospheric Contaminant Source Differentiation
Finlay MacNab (SFU) – Plasmonically Enhanced Electron Transfer for Photovoltaics and Electrochemistry

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