About Us

The Association of the Chemical Profession of British Columbia (ACPBC) is the voice of chemical professionals in the province.

Our mandate is to promote the role of chemistry in the economic, social and environmental well-being of the people of British Columbia.  We are a self-regulating professional association, and our members are required to exceed defined standards of education and experience in the practice of chemistry. We promote and increase the knowledge, skill, and proficiency of our members in all activities relating to chemical sciences and ensure high standards of competence, integrity and ethics within the chemical profession in British Columbia. In so doing we enhance public confidence in the practice of chemistry within BC and ensure that chemical professional act in the public interest.

Our History

The Association of the Chemical Profession of BC (ACPBC) was incorporated in May 2007 under the Society Act with seven directors.   The bylaws and constitution (Appendix 1) had been developed over the previous two years by an implementation committee supported by some 50 chemists who had pledged support for the founding of ACPBC.  In the year prior to its first Annual General Meeting (July 2008), membership was increased to over fifty members who were eligible for the AGM. Also in the inaugural year the required components of a professional organization were put in place. A Membership and Registration Committee, a Nominating Committee, and the Code of Ethics were developed, all of which were duly ratified by the membership.  In subsequent years the Board appointed a Registrar, a Disciplinary Committee was established, a Disciplinary Policy was developed, and an Audit Committee was appointed by the members. By-law refinements were proposed and ratified at subsequent Annual General Meetings.

The recognition of the role of chemists and their rights and responsibilities has been an ongoing process.  In 2009 an agreement with the Ministry of Environment established a process for recognition of chemists as Qualified Professionals on a case-by-case basis on application to a Director in the Ministry of Environment.  The ACPBC was approved by the members of the Contaminated Sites Approved Professionals society (CSAP) as a parent organization. The ACPBC joined the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC, the College of Applied Biology, and the BC Institute of Agrology as the only other parent professional organizations.  Notably this status was implemented in the CSAP By-Laws in  2010 and approved by the Ministry of Environment as required under Protocol 6 of the Contaminated Sites Regulation.  The ACPBC was granted exclusive Right to Title in 2011 under Section 10 of the Society Act for the use of the titles “Professional Chemist, P.Chem.” and “Chemist in Training, C.I.T.”  Again the process involved formal public notice for comment in the media and certification by the Registrar of Societies.  In 2012 the ACPBC was recognized as a professional association for participation in the Qualified Persons process led by the Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations, with the sole limiting qualification being that the ACPBC was not established in a statute.