For Applicants

We have two general classes of membership:

Registered Professional Members are registered and subject to the provisions of the Ethics and Discipline policies.

  • Professional Chemist (P.Chem.).  B.Sc. in Chemistry and more than four years experience.
  • Chemist-in-Training (C.I.T.).  B.Sc. in Chemistry but do not have the experience expected for P.Chem.
  • Registered Technologist in Chemistry (R.T.Chem.)  Diploma in Chemical Technology and two years experience.
  • Registered Professional Technologist in Chemistry (P.T.Chem.) Diploma in Chemical Technology and seven years experience.

Regular Members are associated with the ACPBC but are not registered.

  • Student Member. Currently registered in a Chemistry program.
  • Associate Member. Chemistry-related degree completed.
  • Retired Professional Member. Formerly registered as P.Chem. in BC

Detailed information on the classes of membership are given in the Criteria for Membership. The fees for each class are given in the current fee schedule.

If you are interested in applying, please proceed to Apply for Membership. You can consult the Frequently Asked Questions about membership.  If you have additional questions, the Registrar (email: registrar(at) will be happy to assist with your questions.