Apply for Membership

Click here to answer a series of questions to help you determine the correct application pathway for you (ie. Initial Application; Reclassification Application; or Reinstatement Application).

Step 1: Decide your class of membership

We have several classes of membership. Additional details are in the Criteria for Membership document and on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Step 2: Prepare your application

An application for P.Chem., C.I.T., R.T.Chem., or P.T.Chem. consists of:

  1. A copy of your transcripts or your degree certificate or diploma. We may ask to have you submit a verified copy as part of the assessment.
  2. A current CV highlighting the chemical nature of the positions you have held.
  3. A professional reference. The professional reference can be provided by a member in good standing of a professional organization, for example P.Chem., P.Eng., R.P.Bio., P.Ag. etc. Please ensure your professional reference knows you intend to apply.

Student member applicants must supply proof of current registration in a Chemistry degree program at a BC university.  Associate member applicants must provide proof of graduation and a CV. 

You will upload the required documents during the online application process. Pdf files are preferred. There is a maximum file size limit.

Step 3: Submit your application online using our Membership portal

New applicants will be required to register with the membership system. If you were a member of the ACPBC at any time prior to October 2022 you are already in the system at whatever email address you used at that time; use the “Forgot Password?” link on the portal.

Once you have been identified by the membership portal you can complete the stages of application. You will enter contact information, educational history, employment history if applicable, upload your supporting documents, and identify the professional reference we will contact. The system accepts online credit or interac email payments of the applicable fees according to the current fee schedule.

You can logout from the application process at any point and login to complete the application at a later time.

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