Applying for Membership

Step 1: decide your class of membership

We have several classes of membership. Additional details are in the Criteria for Membership document and on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Step 2: assemble your application documents

An application for P.Chem., C.I.T., R.T.Chem., or P.T.Chem. consists of:

  1. a copy of your transcripts or your degree certificate or diploma;  Verified diploma or transcripts and a professional reference are required. The supplied documents can be photocopies of the originals provided they are verified by your professional reference.
  2. a current CV highlighting the chemical nature of the positions you have held;
  3. a completed application form signed by a professional reference; The professional reference can be provided by a member in good standing of a professional organization, for example P.Chem., P.Eng., R.P.Bio., P.Ag. etc.

Application Form for:

Professional Chemist or Chemist in Training

Professional Technologist in Chemistry or Registered Technologist in Chemistry

An application for Associate or Student membership simply requires the appropriate form completed. Student member applicants must supply proof of current registration.  Associate member applicants must provide proof of graduation and a CV.  No payment is required for these classes of membership.

3. Pay the required fees

The current fees are paid using the on-line payment form.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation.  Include a printed copy with the documents you submit

4. Submit your documents

A complete application package consists of :

  • a signed and completed application form;
  • your current resume;
  • one or more transcripts documenting your educational acheivements; and
  • a copy of the e-mail confirming the application fee has been paid.

Mail to: Please note: our mailing address has changed.

PO Box 53566 RPO Broadmead
Victoria, BC V8X 5K2

Please direct any questions about membership to