Contaminated Sites Learning Series: Making Effective Applications

The Land Remediation Section within the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy is hosting a complimentary four-day, virtual learning event: ‘Contaminated Sites Learning Series: Making Effective Applications’.

The first two sessions have taken place but the remaining are happening February 8 and 9.

The learning series is for anyone interested in the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites in British Columbia and is designed to increase awareness and understanding of the contaminated sites application process.

Each day will focus on different topics related to contaminated sites applications. Below is a list of the daily themes, which gives a general idea of the information that will be covered over the course of the learning series.

February 8: Risk-Based Applications and Case Studies –  Site Risk Classification & High Risk Applications, Independent Remediation, Applications for Risk Assessment, and Water Quality Guidelines

February 9: Statutory Decision Making and Case Studies – Ministry Approval & Pre-approvals, Background Concentrations in Soil and Groundwater, Vapour Assessment, and Advantages of Remediating Contaminated Sites

If you are interested in attending this complimentary learning series, or any of the individual days, please visit to review the agenda and to register.

Any questions may be directed to

We hope to see you there!