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Amelia Nechka
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JUA Environmental Ltd.
Consulting, Contaminated Sites, Environmental Chemistry
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Miss Amelia Nechka is a keen and passionate environmental scientist with fourteen years of environmental consulting experience. Driven to meet the needs of clients while balancing regulatory requirements, I enjoy technical challenges as well as working with a wide range of clients, contractors and professionals. In the past two years I have become increasingly interested in groundwater monitoring and contaminant mobilization and the role of natural attenuation as a management strategy for contaminated sites. Professionally, I would like to continue to develop my skills in soil and groundwater contaminant monitoring focusing on site specific risk assessments and the use of various field sampling equipment to provide higher quality results for data interpretation. I also have a strong interest in remediation technologies, influence of redox chemistry on contaminant migration, daughter products as indicators of attenuation and changes in the mobility of contaminants and would like to further my skills in planning remediation activities and using staged/multi-approaches for remediation work where a mixture of excavation and in-situ strategies provide the best remedial options. My work experience has generally focused on projects involving actual and potential impacts from petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, herbicides and pesticides, sulphates, nutrients associated with sewage lagoons and indoor/soil vapour monitoring for methane.
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Professional Chemist