Undergraduate Student Scholarship

The Association of the Chemical Profession of British Columbia Undergraduate Student Scholarship, in the amount of $1000, is awarded annually to an ACPBC student member enrolled in third or fourth year of an undergraduate Chemistry program at a British Columbia university. All applicants must be student members of the ACPBC. The award is equally based on academic performance in all completed Chemistry courses and service to the Chemistry profession. Annual application deadlines are posted to ACPBC News.

Application requirements:

  1. Student membership in the ACPBC. There is no charge for student membership. If you are not a current Student member you MUST apply for membership BEFORE you apply for the scholarship.  You can apply online following the Apply for Membership instructions.
  2. Service to the profession: Applicants must document Chemistry activities in which they have been involved; these may include participating in National Chemistry Week, Open Houses, Chemistry shows, mentoring and Science camps, as examples. You will upload a file as part of the application process.
  3. Contact information for two references to corroborate the student involvement must be included.  This information will be needed as part of the online application.  You will require your Reference name, e-mail, and professional registration details (member number and organization).  ).  If your reference is not a registered professional (e.g. P.Chem.) then enter a zero ‘0’ for Reference Professional Registration number and indicate that s/he is “not a professional member” in the Registration Body field.
  4. Proof of current registration.  This can be an administrative transcript for the current term.
  5. Current contact information.  This is part of your Member Profile that you can edit to make current.

When you are ready to apply, login to your Student Member account via the Membership portal.